Wimpy Make My Monday

No one really likes Monday mornings. They signal the death of the weekend and the start of a very long work week ahead. There are even thousands of memes online dedicated to this day alone. It’s the day that people give the hardest time to. If something goes wrong, it seems to always happen on a Monday. And it’s always Monday’s fault. So we decided to give Monday the chance to say sorry and ask for South Africa’s forgiveness for all his wrongdoing. And a delicious Wimpy breakfast for only R29.90, served as the the perfect apology.


Agency: The Odd Number  |  ECD: Sbu Sitole  |  CD: Stephanie Larsen  |  CD: Vanessa von Broembsen
Copywriter: Stephanie Larsen |  Art Director: Vanessa von Broembsen  |  Director: Ernest Nkosi (Seriti)


Skills: Art Direction, Campaign, Television
Client: Wimpy