Willards Cheese Curls Balls

Willards created a new variant of their famous Cheese Curls – Cheese Curls Balls. We were asked to create a 7” tag to add onto their existing Cheese Curls TV advert but we said no. Because this fun new product deserved its own fun new ad. Inspired by the way kids play with their food and imagine it being all sorts of things, we created an ad where a Cheese Curls Ball goes on an epic adventure…


Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel  |  ECD: Neo Mashigo  |  CD: Stephanie Larsen  |  CD: Vanessa von Broembsen
Copywriter: Stephanie Larsen |  Art Director: Vanessa von Broembsen  |  Animation: The Kinetic
Skills: Art Direction, Television
Client: Willards