Standard Bank Lumières d’Afriques

The saying ‘art for art’s sake’ is used to convey the idea that the only aim of a work of art is the
self-expression of the individual artist who creates it. It implies that art serves no real purpose. This saying makes art seem selfish and frivolous. And sadly, this is the view many people have about art. They don’t see the power it actually has.

The Lumières d’Afriques exhibition is anything but selfish and frivolous. These artworks have nothing to do with the artists’ egos but aim to raise awareness about the fact that many people across Africa do not have access to renewable and sustainable energy. This is a very important issue because there is no future, growth or progress without electricity. We wanted to show that this exhibition was not art for art’s sake but rather art for light’s sake.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel  |  ECD: Neo Mashigo  |  CDs: Stephanie Larsen, Vanessa von Broembsen
Copywriter: Stephanie Larsen |  Art Director: Vanessa von Broembsen

Skills: Art Direction, Campaign, Illustration
Client: Standard Bank