Operation Hydrate Save Water Posters

LOERIES 2016 Finalist in Poster Category

Operation Hydrate is a non-profit organisation that aims to get water to the areas that are most affected by drought.

With South Africa facing its worst drought in 30 years, we needed to get communities to play their part when it came to conserving and collecting water.

With a focus on grey water, these posters highlight how easy it is to save the little rain that does fall. All that is needed is a change of perspective and a greater appreciation of the water we do receive.


OH_Series  OH_Varnish

Agency: Joe Public Ignite  |  ECD: Pippa Capstick  |  CD: Martin Schlumph
Copywriter: Jed Mowat  |  Design & Illustration: Vanessa von Broembsen

Skills: Art Direction, Illustration
Client: Operation Hydrate