Nando’s The People’s Manifeasto

The South African General Elections took place on the 8th of May 2019. And in the months leading up to it, parties started to launch their manifestos, which spoke to how they are going to make our country better. Since Nando’s has always been the voice of the people, we decided to release a manifesto of our own – The People’s Manifeasto, where we spoke to all the things that Nando’s promises to deliver on.


OOH Mockup 1 OOH Mockup 2 OOH Mockup 3

Bus Mockup


Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel  |  ECD: Neo Mashigo  |  CD: Stephanie Larsen  |  CD: Vanessa von Broembsen
Copywriter: Stephanie Larsen |  Art Director: Vanessa von Broembsen  |  Photography:Pierre Peters  |  Retouching: Michael Williams


Skills: Art Direction, Campaign, Radio
Client: Nando's