Mercedes-Benz Vans Transport Safety Month

We need to promote road safety and road safety month, by encouraging Vans customers to keep their vehicle in a roadworthy condition through MBSA’s GenuineParts and services.

If you use sub-standard car parts, you adversely affect your own safety.

The parts you use in your car are critically important. You need them to be of high quality and only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts offer that reassurance. If you don’t use GenuineParts, there is a chance you might lose genuine parts of your own.

Agency: Joe Public Ignite  |  ECD: Pippa Capstick  |  CD: Martin Schlumph
Copywriter: Stephen Pollock  |  Art Direction: Vanessa von Broembsen

Skills: Art Direction, Campaign
Client: Mercedes-Benz Vans