Mercedes-Benz Collision Prevention Assist (Afrikaans)

Collision Prevention Assist is designed to help drivers avoid or mitigate longitudinal accidents.

To highlight the Collision Prevention Assist feature in the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class vans, we used books to pit conflicting ideas against one another. They are however, prevented from colliding thanks to a book carrying our Collision Prevention Assist message. This analogy stirs up fun images in the reader’s mind of what would actually happen if the opposing ideas had to collide.

3200-mbsa-collision-prevention_450x300mm_riaan 3200-mbsa-collision-prevention_450x300mm_stiltetyd
Agency: Joe Public Ignite  |  ECD: Pippa Capstick  |  CD: Martin Schlumph  |  Photography: Paul Shiakallis   |  Translator: Gihan Ferreira
Copywriter: Jed Mowat  |  Art Direction: Vanessa von Broembsen

Skills: Art Direction
Client: Mercedes-Benz Vans