iliadin Rudolph Poster

1578 Joe P Rudolf_FA

1578 Joe P Rudolph Loerie Board


The nasal decongestant category is not known to have much fun. It’s full of blocked noses, pain and ongoing discomfort.


So when the festive season came round, a time of good cheer, iliadin, the market leader in nasal decongestion,
decided it was high time to wish doctors, pharmacists and their patients a happy festive season complete with a little twist.

We designed a poster that could be put up in doctor’s waiting rooms and in pharmacies, wishing everyone a happy festive season.

We used the well-known song, ”Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” as the theme, but dropped the red nose part of the title to illustrate

iliadin’s brand promise – nasal decongestion.

ECD: Pippa Capstick  |  CD: Michael Estment

Copywriter: Pippa Capstick  |  Illustrator: Wanda Priem  |  Design: Vanessa von Broembsen

Skills: Art Direction
Client: iliadin