Brand SA Keep your dreams off the road

20% of car accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Brands always create awareness about the consequences of driving drunk or texting while driving. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that a major cause of car accidents is actually drivers falling asleep at the wheel. We chose to draw attention to this danger by describing and showing crazy things on the road that you would only see in your dreams to demonstrate that when you fall asleep while driving, you aren’t seeing the reality that is actually in front of you and are therefore not in control of your actions.




Agency: The Odd Number  |  ECD: Sbu Sitole  |  CD: Stephanie Larsen  |  CD: Vanessa von Broembsen
Copywriter: Stephanie Larsen |  Art Director: Vanessa von Broembsen  |  Retoucher: Rob Frew

Skills: Art Direction, Campaign, Radio
Client: Brand SA